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I began my undergraduate career as a declared acting major. Shortly after a year, I left my acting program and pursued other interests. I committed to law school at the beginning of my junior year, right around the 2016 presidential election. I desired to be challenged in different ways and knew that representation of minority women in politics was still a glass ceiling waiting to be shattered. Whether you are a freshman or senior, there is no quintessential college major that will best prepare you for law school. Below are resources that may increase your potential to succeed before and during your law school journey.

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ABA Law School Application Deadlines 2021

Are you applying for the 2021 law school application cycle? Check out this extensive chart created by Legal Up that details the important application deadlines for each school.

ABA Required Information Reports

The ABA Required Disclosures link below includes individual law school PDF reports and national compilation spreadsheets on 509 Required Disclosures (collected from the Annual Questionnaire) and Graduate Employment Data

Legal Internship & Fellowships

Comprehensive PDF created by Amherst College that details summer opportunities for students interested in law.

Law School Outlines

You ask, I deliver. The following google drive is a collection of my law school outlines. Use them cautiously.

Notion Template

Looking for an all in one organization platform for work and school? Check out my current Spring 2021 template I use to make sure I have time to take naps and play video games.

Law Online Discord Community

Connect and hang out with pre-law students, current law students, and attorneys on this all-in-one virtual community. Members have access to job opportunities, can exchange professional paperwork, and even hop in office hours to ask questions.

Law School Budget Template

Learning how to budget while attending law school is an effective way to graduate with as little debt as possible and help minimize the financial burden that law school can bring. Use this step-by-step budget guide from Barbri to save yourself a headache.

Academic Pressure & Trauma

In this candid YouTube video, I chat about how I am graduating law school with no academic honors. I grew up associating my success with my GPA. Now, I am starting to prioritize other passions and interests.

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