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High School Students

Resources for Hopeful Future Lawyers (Or Really Any Student)

As a high school student, law school rarely crossed my mind. My high school days were spent rehearsing long hours for theatre, practicing for singing competitions, and traveling across the state of Texas for speech and debate tournaments. There is no conventional high school path that will lead you to law school. However, you can better equip yourself for college admissions with the opportunities and information linked below.

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24 Awesome High School Internships

What do you want to be when you grow up? If you’re like most high school students, the answer still isn’t crystal clear. That’s all right, and in fact, it’s 100% normal. The good news is that there are plenty of ways—like internships—to explore your interests and various career fields before you take the leap and commit to a certain program or college major. Check out this list from College Vine.


Filling out the FAFSA application can be challenging to understand, let alone complete. I get that. I remember sitting down and filling it out myself while my parents yelled at me across the kitchen table. Make the FAFSA process less dumb & irritating by using this step by step guide form Nitro.

Personal Statement Examples

If you’re applying to college, you’ll most likely need to write a personal statement as part of your college application. But before diving into analyzing some great personal statement examples, it helps to get some context on what a personal statement actually is, and what writers should plan to include when writing their own personal statement. Read 12 outstanding statements from the College Essay Guy.

Low Cost or Free High School Summer Programs

There is a growing minority of selective summer programs that select high achieving high school students strictly on the basis of merit. A number of these programs are offered for free or at relatively low costs, and will prove an impressive addition to your college application. Check this list out from College Transitions.

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