Cheap Study Essentials that Just Make Sense

1. $9 Portable Book Stand

Save your back from pain and fix your posture with this portable amazon book stand! I've used it everyday since I started law school. (Click the photo for link)

2. Ear Plugs for Deep Study Sessions

Noise and people are annoying. Get a deeper concentration and focus with these reusable silicone ear plugs from amazon. You'll need them for final exams! (Click Photo for Link)

3. $10 Multicolored Index Card Cases if You Write Note Cards

Depending on how you study, invest in these reusable index card cases to stay organized.

4. $15 Desk Light Clamp

This desk light saves the day! Even during your darkest hours, you can find a way to clamp this bad boy onto any surface and complete your late night study session.

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