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Hi, I'm Miss Texas.

I advocate for my platform, Y’all Means All. I aim to make every child feel at home through policy writing, diversity & inclusion school programs, digital representation, and my international nonprofit, The Tulong Foundation. I am the state wide and national ambassador for The Texas Cares for Children 501(c)(3).

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Microsoft GenZ Summit

May 2022 | Virtual

St. John's University First Generation Seminar

August 2022 | New York

Empire State of Law Legal Conference

August 2022 | New York

New York University Law Society | Virtual

October 2022 | Virtual

University of Southern California | Ignite Conference

October 2022 | In Person

My Platform | Y'all Means All

Belonging is a fundamental human need. The feeling of "belonging" has a critical impact on a child's overall wellbeing and academic performance. I aim to make every person feel that they belong through diversity and inclusion efforts. These efforts include policymaking, legal advocacy, digital representation, my keynote speeches, and my international nonprofit.

Miss Texas: About Me


Miss Texas: List

Our Mission

Founded in 2015 alongside my mom, The Tulong Foundation's mission is to ensure that every child has equitable access to education, food, and wellness resources. Our previous philanthropic projects include building a library, constructing water wells, and providing micro-entrepreneurial loans to women in provincial villages. To date, the Tulong Foundation has financially supported more than 45 students in South East Asia. We are formally partnered with the United Nations, UNICEF, and Southern Methodist University.


$50,000 in Scholarships Won

I entered my first Miss Texas local competition with just $50 in my checking account. I needed money for law school. I wore an old prom school dress, borrowed a suit from my mom, and fundraised my registration fee through friends and family. One local later, I was hooked! If you are interested in competing, please don't hesitate to reach out by emailing me below.

Miss Texas: About Me


Bold Advocate & Public Speaker

  • Argued on behalf of a client for full child custody in a domestic abuse case and won

  • Provided pro bono legal services to Texas women who were abused by their partners

  • Delivered speeches on behalf of the AAPI community at several vigils, rallies, and protests  in Texas

International Nonprofit Director

  • Founded the Tulong Foundation, a nonprofit that provides scholarships, micro-entrepreneurial loans, and educational workshops to women and girls in Asia

  • Partnered with the United Nations & Recognized by the Clinton Foundation

  • Worked in the legal department at Susan G. Komen, one of the largest breast cancer research nonprofits in the world

Social Media Extrordinaire

  • Aquired close to one million followers across social media

  • Spearheaded TikTok's first educational learning initiative

  • Partnered with Microsoft for a three month brand campaign to make college more accessible for margainalized communities

  • Developed an app that helps formally incarcerated Texans determine eligibility for record expungement

As Miss Texas

  • Established the first Lone Star Princess Scholarship Fund

  • Traveled more than 28,000 miles in four months 

  • Made more than 200 appearances, interviews, and sponsor visits in four months, averaging 50 events every 30 days 

  • Published a children's book on the importance of diversity and inclusion

  • Hosted an informational candidate workshop series, with more than 200 attendees

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