“For the longest time, or at least all 23 years of my life, I’ve been waiting for someone to be that mentor, to be that person I needed to guide me and tell me what I needed to know as a woman of color, as an Asian-American woman,” Bishop said. “For me, last year, I told myself I can’t wait around anymore.”

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This scholarship will support a current pre-law college student by helping to cover their law school application costs.
All first-gen college students planning on attending law school who come from minority backgrounds are eligible.

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"For the past five consecutive years, I have traveled to my mother’s home country on behalf of our own nonprofit organization, The Tulong Foundation. Our foundation initially began as an effort to mediate the educational attainment gap between boys and girls in isolated villages of Mindanao, Philippines."

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Averie Bishop wears several hats. Law student, TikTok Creator and the head of an international non-profit are just a few. Oh, and one crown, for her role as Miss Dallas 2020. Being just one of those things is a lot to handle, let alone juggling them all at once. Find out how Bishop does it all!

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