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The Tulong Foundation


Our mission is to ensure that every child has equitable access to education, food, and wellness resources. 

The Tulong Foundation envisions a world where girls and boys of impoverished countries have the confidence to pursue all of their academic aspirations regardless of their socioeconomic background. While monetary aid from international humanitarian organizations are allocated to larger cities, our impact focuses on the much smaller villages and provinces that do not usually receive help because of their isolated location. Our volunteers personally venture into the southern most regions of the Philippines and connect with remote areas who see little to no help from organizations.  With your support, students from remote areas will be given the opportunity to pursue their academic interests without the challenges and hardships one faces while living in a rural, poverty-stricken community. Today, the Tulong Foundation provides financial support for scholarships, libraries, water wells, micro-entrepreneurial loans, and technology.

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Philanthropic Work

Scholarships & Education Accesibility

Over $10,000 raised in scholarships for more than 40 students in Banga, South Cotabato.


San Jose Library and Literacy

In the fall of 2021, our nonprofit built the very first library in San Jose, Philippines. Throughout the year, we host summer reading programs and technology essential workshops.


Water Wells and Water Accesibility

In partnership with the Human Rights program at SMU, we constructed three water wells across Mindanao.

The Tulong Foundation: Projects

Our Story

Marevi and Averie Bishop, a mother and daughter duo, initially created The Tulong Foundation to aid Marevi's hometown of Banga, Mindanao. Without a formal education, Marevi knew the importance of achieving an education - especially in a poverty stricken community. With a heart to give and a mentality to encourage others, Marevi and her daughter Averie created The Tulong Foundation in 2015. It currently sponsors over 45 children in the south of the Philippines. The Tulong Foundation was chosen to attend the Clinton Global Initiative Conference, a forum that brings together civic leaders and humanitarian activists in order to create innovative solutions for the world's most pressing matters. Averie represented their organization at the national conference in Boston, Massachusetts in 2017 and Chicago, Illinois in 2018.

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Our Partners




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